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Scrap Equipment

Squalo 3000 Vertical Inclined Shears


Fully transportable, easy set-up. Light or bulky ferrous scrap, railway iron, baled cars, and more are quickly processed for fast loading.
Greatly reduce or eliminate higher cost/less productive excavator shearing
No foundation required; only needs firm level ground
Remote control operation standard; can run manually or fully automatic
Easily transported; machine capable of self loading/unloading
Lighter/loose material is greatly densified before shearing
Reduce or eliminate higher cost/less productive excavator shearing
Choice of electric or diesel power
Parts and service conveniently available in USA
Parts and service conveniently available in USA
Greatly reduce or eliminate costly and unsafe oxy cutting
Heavy robust design is easy to operate and maintain

Equipment Specification

Length 10,055 mm / 35 ft.1 in.
Width 3,000 mm / 9 ft. 10 in.
Height 3,400 mm / 12 ft. 4 in.
Nominal Diesel Engine HP 415 HP
Weight 108 US tons / 98 Tonnes
Cutting Throat Width 1,410 mm x 420 mm / 55 in x 15.75 in.
Feed Chute Width 2.65 m / 8 ft. 8 in.
Adjustable 48 cm / 18.9 in.
Adjustable 70 cm / 27.6 in.
Adjustable 92 cm / 36.2 in.
Adjustable 114 cm / 44.9 in.
Diesel 6 cyl Caterpillar
Electric Marathon 250 Kw
Electrical Consumption 250 Kwh
Automatic Cycle 30 second cycle
Average Fuel Consumption 2.1-2.6 gallons per hour / 8-10 liters per hour
Processing Capacity Up to 41.9 US tons per hour / 35 Tonnes per hour
Shear Force 716 Tons / 650 M/Tonne
Diesel & Electric power – bears the engine manufacturers warranty.
Structure / Framework – 2 years from date of commissioning
Hydraulic and Electric parts – 1 year from date of commissioning
Any parts replaced under the warranty will be supplied free of charge on an ex-factory Al-jon/Bonfiglioli basis.
*Warranty is void if payment in full is not made in accordance with the invoice terms.

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