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9 Reasons to Choose Aljon’s Powerful Landfill Compactors

Over the years, Aljon has developed into one of the world’s top manufacturers of landfill compactors and scrap equipment. If you’re in need of solutions for your landfill that meet your unique requirements, Aljon is here for you.

Here are the many benefits of utilizing powerful landfill compactors from Aljon.

1. Reliable Designs and Construction

One of the main advantages of using Aljon landfill compactors is our combination of reliable, powerful designs and construction. Every piece of equipment we provide is built for peak performance, with the ability to process 950 – 1,300 tons per day, depending on the model.

The dependable construction of each machine will help reduce the need for excessive repairs, which will subsequently increase your return on investment with each purchase.

2. Versatility of Applications

We offer multiple landfill compactor options to meet our customers’ unique application requirements. Depending on the volume of your landfill and your budget, you can find the right solution in our product line.

For example, if you’re operating with a smaller budget but need the power of a larger compactor, you might opt for our ADV 525 compactor. Meanwhile, landfills requiring the compaction of large volumes of materials may benefit from our ADV 600, which is capable of processing as many as 1,300 tons of material per day.

3. Years of Experience

Another aspect that sets Aljon apart is our long history in the industry. Since 1963, we have grown into the world’s leading manufacturer of compactors, scrap equipment, and snow removal equipment. As a result of this experience, we’ve also grown a loyal following among our customers who consistently turn to us.

4. American-Made Products

When you buy an Aljon landfill compactor, you get a product that’s made in our facilities right here in the USA. Because of this, you get the benefits of American-made products, which include readily available parts and reliable service and support. More on both of those points below.

5. Access to All Required Spare Parts

We have a strong inventory of parts readily available for all our customers’ equipment. Our priority is to keep your equipment up and running, which is why we have a wide range of parts such as:

  • Pump drive boxes
  • Final drives
  • Pumps and wheel motors
  • Steering cylinders
  • Control valves
  • Electrical parts

6. Top-Tier Customer Support and Service

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you require service for your equipment, Aljon is ready to help. You can easily get in touch with us whenever you need assistance with selecting equipment, learning more about each solution, or requesting customer service for your compactor.

We always aim to keep our customers satisfied and give them the help they need as soon as possible.

7. Pre-Owned Equipment Options

Are you interested in budget-friendly options? You’re in luck, because not only do we manufacture new equipment, but we also offer pre-owned options.

We have an entire dedicated division that’s responsible for restoring previously owned machinery before reselling it. This division ensures that all equipment is completely restored to be in optimal condition before selling it.

8. Industry Innovation

To consistently provide our customers with some of the most reliable solutions available for any application, we work to innovate through our equipment designs.

We work under the philosophy of “Keeping It Simple, Building It Strong” by using highly efficient designs that culminate in powerful compactors. In turn, you can meet all of your compacting needs with equipment built to do the job right.

9. Access to All Necessary Product Resources

If you want to learn everything there is to know about our products, you have access to plenty of documentation. Learn about the different features that come with each compactor, along with detailed specifications to help you make the right selection.

These benefits make entrusting Aljon worth it if you’re in the market for reliable, powerful landfill compactors. With the help of Aljon’s solutions, you’ll fully equip your landfill to handle compacting operations of any volume.